Aircraft Ceiling Treatment near Caernarfon

Grafo Therm Solutions can Treat your aircraft hangar with with anti condensation paint, which traps and holds any condensation as it forms and prevents it dripping on any aircraft or equipment.

If you leave your aircraft hangar untreated you will have condensation, damp and corrosion problems.

anti condensation Mobile Service

Aircraft Hangers

Grafo Therm Solutions spray anti condensation coating in aircraft hangars as it will reduce condensation, reduce temperature variations. Aircraft hangars tend to drip with condensation causing damage to property and stored air crafts hangers

On-Site Spraying

Our mobile team offers on site spraying. Please make sure the aircraft hangar is empty. We will then lay down protective sheeting over the container floor to protect the floor from over spray.

Our Work

Please take a look at our warehouse treatment anti condensation paint Grafo Therm product.